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Killarney bonfire night

Famous Killarney Events

Our region is not only known for its Waterfalls, National Parks, Potatoes and the best Beef around, it is also becoming known for its various events. Bonfire Night in July, Waddle and Saddle in August, Killarney Trail Bike Ride in April, The Southern Downs Harvest Lunch in May, The Picnic Basket Day in April/May and the Rodeos, Polocrosse and various other horse events. Not to forget the Killarney Show, which is held every February. To check out these events, visit

Horizon Guides - walking trail

Walking Tours

We are thrilled to be partnering with Teresa Cause from Horizon Guides on the NEW Spring Creek Mountain Trail. This NEW Walking Tour is organised for four times a year. Check out all the details on the Horizon Guides website further information and booking.