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Local Produce

We are very fortunate to be able to source the majority of our produce from our local regions. Potatoes, Eggs, Honey Beef, Lamb, Kiwi Fruit, Herbs, Rhubarb are just some of the produce that, when in season, we get from the Killarney area, Stone Fruit, Vegetables, Smallgoods and of course, Wine, from the Granite Belt, Carrots, Beetroot, Onions,

Tomatoes from the Scenic Rim and Olives and Olive Oil from Inglewood. This is just a snapshot of the wonderful produce that is grown by our passionate, local farmers. We are so grateful to be able to showcase their products on our Menu.

We know our guests like to know where their food comes from and we are glad to share with them our food story and if possible, have some of the produce available for them to take with them to enjoy in their own homes.